Carman Phone: (204) 745-5099

Address: 225 4th Avenue SW Carman, MB R0G0J0

Take-out Hours

Thursday-Saturday 11:30am-6:30pm

Miss McGee

Hi, I’m Miss McGee, more formally known as Robynn Salter. I am the owner/operator of McGee’s Family Restaurant. I grew up in the Morden & Winkler area, but now reside in Roland with my spouse Brandon, my two sons; Everett (6) and Logan (4), and my stepchildren; Ethan (10) and Claudiah (9).
Before purchasing McGee’s, I had always worked in the food service and hospitality industries. My very first job was working banquets with my mom at the young age of 13. My mom was my idol, my mentor and who I learned my work ethic from. After moving to Carman, I started working at Bubba’s Cafe. It was there that I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the business in 2010, and I did, renaming it McGee’s Family Restaurant. The “original McGee’s” as we like to call it was a much smaller location with only 50 seats in a strip mall downtown.

In the spring of 2016, I relocated the business to the Carman Golf and Curling Club, where we now enjoy serving all of Carman and catering tournaments as well! In 2017 McGee’s expanded to include a second location, at the Minnewasta Golf and Country Club. However, over the last 2 years my life has changed a lot personally and I decided to scale back my work load and just run the Carman location.

If you’re wondering how the name ‘McGee’s’ came about – no, it’s not my last name. As a child, Robynn was often shortened to ‘Bobby’ by my parents. It was my dad that tacked on McGee, like the Kris Kristofferson song ‘Me and Bobby McGee’. Often customers would ask me if I was “Miss McGee”, so after a while I just stopped correcting them and just went with it. Call me Miss McGee, Bobby, or Robynn, just don’t forget to call McGee’s for dinner!